When in Cape Town ..... Eurohaus

After our Woodstock Foundry gallivanting, we met up with my brother who stayed in a hotel in Loop Street. Just up the road is a bakery. It used to be Marcellino’s Bakery, but in November 2012 they added a restaurant and changed the name to Eurohaus (unfortunate decision in my mind, the name just does not fit the Cape Town coffee scene). We had cappuccinos and returned the next morning for breakfast. I liked the interior with the wooden beams, the big Consol glass chandelier and the disassembled piano parts decorating the walls. While I feasted on a fantastic omelette and chatted away, my sister took hold of my camera. I especially love the black and white photo of the bakery staff.

 EuroHaus, 210 Loop Street, Cape Town

Image credits: Elanie Fourie

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