When in Cape Town ..... Woodstock Foundry

I still have a few things I want to share with you from a trip to Cape Town in the beginning of December. My long weekend started when my sister Elanie picked me up at the airport, and our first stop for the day was the Woodstock Foundry, a mix of retail, creative offices and studios in a recently refurbished 100 year old heritage building on Albert Road in Woodstock. It immediately reminded me of our own 44 Stanley here in Johannesburg.

What I loved about the space is that some of the retail areas also double as studios, so you can see the products being made. Dear Rae is a jeweller (and the perfect place for Elanie to choose her own birthday gift from me!) with a studio right there. SELAH is a studio space where artist Andrew Breitenberg works (but more about SELAH later). We visited Vogel, Casamento and absolutely loved the funky unisex hair salon, the Lobby Hair shop. The d├ęcor is retro with vintage barber chairs, plus the coffee bar inside is great. O.LIVE is a homeware shop filled to the brim with vintage inspired items (and again, us girls had a great time taking pictures in the shop so a separate blog is on its way).

Woodstock is such a cool area and the Woodstock Foundry is just another perfect excuse to visit.

You can read more about the Woodstock Foundry on their Facebook page here. 

Image credits: As always, when I go somewhere with my sister, I normally just hand over the camera to her. So, most of these are taken by Elanie Fourie.

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