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My sister has a few weddings under her photography belt. My new brother-in-law is a professional sports photographer. Add to that my brother who also makes his living behind a camera and you see why I feel like the” mik-en-drukker” in the family :-).

Now, if two photographers get married, you can take my word for the fact that that their photographer friends make up more than just one table at the wedding reception. One of the impressive collection of photographers at my sister’s wedding was her friend (and I am glad to say now also mine!), Adri Meyer. Adri’s task on the day was to capture the whole “getting dressed” part of the wedding. Now, even though she was a friend of the bride, what struck me about her immediately is that, going about her business of making sure the light, angles and poses are just right, she adds something to the occasion. It took me a while to figure out what, but then it struck me – she likes her subjects and she has a winning way about her personality that adds to the joy of the occasion, rather than just acting as an impersonal documenter of the proceedings.

Adri studied Value and Policy Studies at the Stellenbosch University. She went on to become a Fashion Buyer and only recently left her corporate job to become a full time photographer. Looking at the photos below, you will agree with me that she found her true calling. I love her work, I love her blog and seeing the way that she translates her passion into images really inspires me.

These photos are from her wedding collection, but she also does maternity and engagement shoots. Her family portraits are beautiful. To see more of her work or book her for a shoot, visit her website. You can also follow her blog or like her Facebook page.

Image credits: All photography by Adri Meyer

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