Upcycled coffee bags – one of a kind

Yesterday’s blog about Bean There Coffee Company at 44 Stanley Avenue (you can read about it here), reminded me how much I liked the gorgeous ottoman covered with recycled coffee bags from Cape Town based company Sofaworx when I first came across it on my internet travels. 

Image from Sofaworx (via Kim Gray)

The current trend to “upcycle” repurposed jute bags that were once used to carry coffee, especially organic fair-trade certified coffee, is one that I like. I love the casual elegance of the unrefined fabric, and because the production of these items will always be in limited quantities, each piece will be unique.

There are two companies in particular that are doing inspiring work. One is an Australian company, Velvet Bean who rescue, recycle and repurpose coffee sacks into unique cushions, homeware and ottomans. Their motto is “Reducing landfill, one coffee sack at a time”. 

 Image credits: All from Velvet Bean

Keeping it local, and if a trip to Sydney to buy cushions is a tad much, there is also a South African company, The Wren Design, who make bags from material “with a story.” This includes coffee sacks that have transported coffee beans all around the world or antique linen grain sacks woven between 1880 and 1910. They also use cement packaging rejects. These bags, as material, have the potential to continue on and on and on....

Image credits: All images from The Wren Design

I am so inspired I am considering getting my hands on a bag to cover our old square ottoman!

Below are a few more images showing other uses for that old coffee bag… 

Image credits: 1) Our Vintage Home 2 & 3) via TheDailyTelecraft 

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