When in Durban….

On our way back to the Durban airport after our weekend in the Oribi Gorge (read about it here), we stopped at Craft Trattoria, a fairly new Italian eatery in Glenashley, one of the suburbs in Durban's more leafy northern end. We chose it simply because we had an afternoon to kill and it came highly rated on a couple of restaurant / foodie websites.

And what a treat!!! You start smiling the moment you stop outside the restaurant and see the whimsical big red lips that make up the take-away counter. The outside has comfortable couches and a sea view, so you're tempted to flop down right there. But that would be a mistake, because walk inside and the place charms your socks off. It takes a while to figure out why, and it's only when you notice that literally every little detail in the place has had some serious thought put into it do you realise where the charm comes from. Even the bathroom (seriously!) had me snapping pics from every angle!

The menu is Italian, with a pizza oven in the one corner and a huge window which separates the kitchen from the restaurant on the other side so that you can see how they make the handmade pasta. 

At first it looks like a young person's hangout, all modern touches, funky photographer/blogger staff as waiters and house music. It doesn't look a spot in which to lose a Sunday afternoon. But try it. It punches above its first impression.

35 Newport Avenue 
Glenashley, Durban

Tel: 031 562 1926

Click here for their Facebook page

Image credits: All photography by me

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