Another (olive) tree-covered courtyard

I love 44 Stanley. It is probably my favourite place in all of Johannesburg to just hang a bit and recharge the batteries on a Friday afternoon/Saturday morning/Sunday lunchtime (or basically anytime in between!!) 

44 Stanley Avenue used to be the garages for the Automobile Association, back in the day when Milpark was still on the edges of town, and therefore a light industrial area. When the AA moved out, the buildings were subject to vandalism and unlawful squatters until in 2003, when property developers saw the potential of the place. After an extensive make-over, the urban industrial character remains with some places left unpainted and untouched, but now it houses 25 specialty boutiques, restaurants and design studios. It is all build around two splendid courtyards where you can sit under giant olive trees and see the world go by. (How these got to be there remains a mystery!) The irregular layout which creates all kinds of semi-hidden nooks and crannies just adds to the charm. 

I will blog later this week about some of my favourite places in 44 Stanley, but will tempt you in the meantime with a few images to show you what awaits at this hidden gem. 

44 Stanley Ave

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Image credits: All photography by me

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