On Saturday my friend, Elana, held her 40th birthday party. To celebrate she invited her girlfriends to a luncheon in her beautiful garden. It was a very merry occasion and we had a wonderful fun afternoon. However, I will remember this day for a very long time, and the reason is not the beautifully set tables, the wonderful food or the great conversations at our table.

I will remember this day because her family, especially her husband, put hours of loving preparation into making the day special for her, and it showed. I will remember this day because of the way in which her daughter played the violin and the way in which her father and that same husband (and their three year-old son!) wore a waiter’s apron with pride. I will probably not remember much of the wonderful speech she made, except for the fact that she was able to speak about each and every guest in turn, honouring them for their roles in her life. I will, however, never forget how this made me feel. I will remember her father’s tears of joy and the glow of pride on her mother’s face. I will remember this day because I got to spend the afternoon in the presence of a class act.

Image credits: All photography by me

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