Jamie Beck and her incredible photography

My own blog looked a bit like a bachelor’s cupboard two days before payday this week, so I decided to share with you someone else’s blog that I love and read on a daily basis (read also about the previous blog I shared with you here).

Jamie Beck is a New York-based fashion photographer and she is the force behind a very popular photo blog named From Me To You on tumblr. On the blog she shares projects that she is working on, creating this amazing archive of her work for all of us to indulge in. She has a few interesting themes on her blog, including “Dinner and A Movie” where she posts recipes and photographs the entire process, a “24 hours in” section featuring the beautiful places where her work takes her and gorgeous house features. Her pictures of Paris and New York are beautiful, but it is her black and white photography that I find breathtaking. Really, I mean exactly that. Every day, just before I open her blog I find myself holding my breath in excited anticipation. She is amazing.

She is also creating a bit of a revolution in photography. Together with her fiancé, Kevin Burg, a web designer with a background in video and motion graphics, they took animated GIF photography to a new level. Basically, what it means is that they add motion to a still image by animating one object in the picture. They started making these incredible images in 2011 and coined the term “cinemagraph”.  

Amazing Animated Photography by Jamie Beck (20 pics)


To follow her blog, click here. To see more of their cinemagraphs, click here

Image credits: All Jamie Beck

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