Paco in Greenside

I have walked past Paco Rugs on Greenway in Greenside many times, always amazed by the beautiful designs of their carpets hanging from floor to ceiling windows on four stories. So, on a Saturday morning with my camera in hand, I decided to go in and have a browse.

What a treat! It is the single largest carpet showroom in the southern hemisphere. But it is not the size that impresses you. It is the beauty of their collections.

They import most of their carpets from Tibet, India and Afghanistan. The most striking ones are probably the contemporary carpet collections called Rug Revolution featuring images of Che Guevara, John Lennon and Muhammad Ali. Union Jacks in all sizes call for your attention. But the carpets that really made me stop and inspect closely, are the ones which look rather like oil paintings that rugs and the ones stitched together for much older used carpets to make new patterns. The carpets, and the shop, are beautiful. It reminded me of how, in medieval times, carpets were so valuable that they were hung on the wall, not laid on the floor...

You can visit their website here. 

Image credits: All photography by me 

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