Macaroon in Greenside

My series on Greenside will not be complete without telling you about Macaroon. The good news is that it is actually an on-line business with a studio in Greenside. So, whether you are in Birmingham or Britstown, Macaroon is just a click away.

The company specialises in personalised stationary. They do a large range of products such as calendars, year planners and birthday invitations that you can personalise with your own favourite photos. I love the house rules and the life lesson posters were you can put your child’s name or family name on the poster. Just imagine the treat to receive an invite or letter from someone written on personalised stationary. It instantly transports you back to a more stylish time, a time before mass-emailed digital communications when someone had to actually put more than 25 seconds of thought and effort into an invitation or letter.

Notwithstanding the fact that they deal in old-school style, all their business is done on-line and you access it through their Facebook page. You can simply drag and drop your photographs or your children’s art onto the product you like. Add personal messages, and choose your design and colour palette. Enter your details, check out online and your purchase is delivered to your door.

The studio itself is a treat. Owners Taryn and Cheryl bubble with energy and you can come in and sit down with them if you want more personal assistance. The shelves in the small studio have small “tooth mouse kits”, incredibly funky sticky tape dispensers and files for “Useless documents to provide appearance of importance in meetings”. All in bright colours, all very stylish and sophisticated and all on my private wish list!

You can visit their website here or like their Facebook page.

Image credits: All photography be my


  1. Thanks Nani - so pleased you loved popping in and found our Studio a treat and thrilled that we are on your wish-list! The Macaroon Girls xx

  2. Oh my...I adore their stuff too!