4 U 2 Play

In the middle of Braamfontein, just off De Korte Street, is a very funky courtyard called The Grove. A building was demolished to create this public space as part of a redevelopment program of Braamfontein buildings and surrounding public spaces.

It was in this little square that we saw an electric piano on a purple carpet with a big pink balloon attached to it. Behind the piano was a very cute girl playing her heart out and doing a bit of an impromptu little concert for the passers-by. It turns out that as part of the Standard Bank Joy of Jazz festival, eight pianos were placed in different public spaces all around Johannesburg. Anyone with a momentary flash of inspiration, regardless of skill or talent, could just sit down and play a tune in public.

Luckily for everyone around me, I never got to do my rendition of Ballade for Adeline :-)!

You can read more about the festival here.

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