When in Paris: Puces de St-Quen

Situated at the northern edge of the 18e arrondissement is the Les Puces de St-Quen market (St-Quen flea market). Please don’t think, when reading the words ‘flea market’, that this is just another market selling leather jackets and rip-off DVD’s. This market has the highest concentration of antique dealers and second-hand furniture dealers in the world! There are a dozen separate markets in the complex covering over two thousand shops. Some are in more upmarket show rooms, but most are in maze-like alleys, making wandering and getting lost between all the stalls part of the fun.

I fell in love with the store below! It is called Bachelier Antiquités and they stock all the rustic French kitchen and cellar accessories you heart could possibly desire. I loved the giant dark green Provençal vinegar bottles, the antique mortar and pestles, the battered madeleine moulds, the ancient chopping boards and of course the copper pots in all shapes and sizes. Magnifique! 

You can visit the Bachelier Antiquités website here.

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