Gourmet Burgers

I bought the new Taste magazine yesterday. On the front page was a picture of a burger and inside an article on how to “beef up an old favourite”. Well, we are on trend, it seems! Over the weekend at Daniel’s birthday party, my sister spent some time in the kitchen to whip up gourmet burgers for lunch. (Yes, I am still talking about the same sister. The one who took the photos, poured every one’s drinks, made lunch, kept the conversation flowing even more than the pink wine, and helped to clean up afterwards! Her reward: a nasty cold to take back to Cape Town!)

Her version is made with:

  • Ciabatta buns 
  • a pesto mayo 
  • caramelised onions 
  • guacamole 
  • tomatoes with rocket leaves 
  • and camembert cheese. 

You can give it a try. It is delicious!!

PS. Thanks Gus for the "styling" :-)

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