When in Paris: Angelina

As I said before (see here), this week I am sending you on a holiday to Paris while I’ll spend some quality time in my own office. Later this week I will show you a beautiful park, take you with me to a French ballet shoe shop and a bit of antiquing. However, let’s start with some hot chocolate!

Along Rue de Rivoli’s columned promenade, you will find Angelina, probably the most famous salon de thé (tearoom) in Paris. Founded in 1903 by an Austrian confectioner, Antoine Rumpelmayer, the tearoom’s interior, with beautiful frescoes, gilded mirrors and marble-top tables, remains unaltered to this day.

The reasons to visit are many. They serve breakfast, lunch and in between those the most beautiful confectionery. They are famous for a cake called the Mont Blanc. But, the reason Mademoiselle Chanel came on a daily basis (as an aside, her regular table was #10) is their Chocolat l’Africain. Arguably one of the best hot chocolates you’ll ever taste got its name from the Cote d’Ivoire, a former French protectorate, from where the cocoa beans originated. (My long-suffering dietician should stop reading right now!) The thick dark chocolate is then served in a pot with a side of fresh whipped cream so that you can mix the two. The concoction is extremely rich, but its velvety flavour and texture are the perfect decadent indulgence if you find yourself in Paris on a cold morning….

You can visit their website here.


  1. What i wouldn't do for a Angelina's Hot Chocolate right now.Mmmmmmh. No trip to Paris is complete without a stop here.