If you are a parent living in Johannesburg , ideas for how to entertain the kids are always welcome. During the school holidays a couple of weeks ago, I ended up taking Daniel not once, but twice in one week, to what is now my favourite recommendation for a kids-friendly outing in Johannesburg.

The Sci-Bono Discovery Centre is located in Newtown, in the Johannesburg City Centre. It is a giant warehouse filled with all kinds of scientific hands-on exhibits and games. Pressing buttons, pulling levers and flipping switches were never this much fun when I was a kid! I hated science, but this centre, the largest of its type in Southern Africa, is just the place to show the kids how much fun it can be. And let it be known, this mom loved the outing as much as the kid!!

One of the trips was with a group of friends, eight kids in tow. The highlight for them was the Murray and Roberts construction site where they could operate conveyor belts, push wheelbarrows around, lift buckets with pulleys and build with foam ‘bricks’ and ‘mortar’ blocks. The older kids loved sitting inside the cockpit of a fighter jet and Daniel only moved away from the virtual soccer game when bribed with sweeties from the cafeteria!

I cannot recommend this place enough. They do holiday programmes and even kids birthday parties. It is a world-class centre, and an incredible amount of fun to visit. So, GO! You can even take your kid along if you want.

You can visit their website here or like their Facebook page.

PS. Thanks to "the crew"!

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