ONA camera bags

I am giddy with excitement - just received my new camera from the courier service. Thank you, Orms!

Now, I have to tell you the funny story about my current camera.... About 8 years ago, I had my eye on my sister's awesome DSLR camera. One of the local magazines, Good Taste, offered the same camera as a prize to one of the new subscribers to the magazine, so I thought, let’s go for it!! I subscribed. In the meantime, my husband went overseas on a work assignment and phoned me to ask if he could buy it for me. I replied: "No, I'll just win the camera". So when the magazine phoned me to tell me that I am indeed the lucky subscriber, I told them the story. Something got lost in translation, however, because the way THEY related the story (and published it for all to see!) in their next edition was something to the effect of "Nani wanted the camera, but her husband did not want to buy it for her, so she just had to win it..." Needless to say, poor Husband, who is such a generous person, was super unimpressed! :-)

I bought one of the Lowepro bags to store my camera and lenses. Very practical and readily available, but wow, the way to go for this would be the super stylish leather shoulder bag from
 ONA Bags !! It is a US-based company that makes these beautiful handcrafted bags using naturally-milled full-grain leather and waxed cotton canvas.

So chic!! Below are a few more images.

Image credits: ONA Bags

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