Tour de Pad and other paint colours

Our house needs a new coat of paint. So, off to my local shop, Jack’s Paint and Hardware, to stock up on paint, Polyfilla and a thing called Flash Harry (?!). Don’t ask – I have no idea what it is either!

While I was waiting for the shop to mix the paint for the colour I needed, I had some time to look at the display area in the shop showcasing all the Earthcote paints. Earthcote is a 100% South African brand, and every paint takes its cue from the local environment and culture. Where else in the world would you find a paint called “Malva Pudding”, “Babbelas Groen”, “Boere Baroque” or “Soet Patat”? I had to smile looking at “Baked Beans on Toast”, “Hotel Cauliflower” and “Fur on the Dash”, because the colour is exactly the image your brain conjures up when you think of it. I bet you know exactly what “Dung Beetle Brown”, “Paternoster Sand” or “Mayonnaise Yellow” would look like.


Image credits: All photography by me

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