Vovo Telo in Cresta

Vovo Telo began as an artisan bakery in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth in 2007. The popularity of the small bakery led to the opening of a second and then another and another …

Luckily for me (because my own shop is located in the Cresta Shopping Centre), our mall is the location for the 6th store in Gauteng. I might just spend more time in there than in Tapenade!! I love everything about Vovo Telo – its food (working my way through their menu is an achievable new year’s resolution), its trendy d├ęcor, the friendly staff and above all the fact that a franchise manages to be so funky and contemporary. It does not feel like a replica.

Each type of bread (they prepare a huge variety of European style breads including brioche, baguette, rye, sourdough, croissants, pain au chocolat and more) is prepared from stone-ground flour and slow-fermented yeast. All are hand-shaped and baked fresh on the premises each day. You can watch the process from your table since the bakery is situated in a central position in the store.


 The coffee is gooood.

 Vovo Telo
Cresta Shopping Centre (near Pick & Pay entrance)
Shop U56
Tel: (011) 478 5440

You can like their Facebook page. Or click here and experience a website that captures the way the place is, rather than what it hopes to be.

Image credits: All photography by me

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  1. Lovely! I'm also a biiiig fan of Vovo Telo's and your pics are stunning Nani, well done :)