She had us hello

It’s time again to share with you one of my favourite blogs. Its called “She had us at hello”. What a cool name for a blog?! 

The blog is written by a South African girl married to an Aussie. The two live in London with their one year old daughter. The blog started as an online diary of their lives from day 1 of little Limi’s life, to keep the grandparents back home and friends connected to their daughter’s life. 

Now, you may of course ask why on earth I would be interested in the daily life of someone I do not know? Fair question. The answer lies in Dee’s photography, but also in something more ethereal – Dee has a knack for noticing the magical and unusual within the most mundane things, and she manages to bring her life, well, to life! Through her I’m reminded how lovely it can be to be a tourist in your own town. Her eye for design, her ability to see and capture the beauty in something almost ramshackle and present it to us as chic inspires me. 

Sometimes other people’s travel photos wakes up the “must-travel-immediately-bug”, but her photos of their travels especially in Europe leaves me quite happy and contented to be just an armchair traveller getting a glimpse into beautiful places and beautiful people’s lives! 

I love to visit the blog and I always leave inspired!! Thanks Dee. 

Image credits: All photos from She had us at hello


  1. She had us at Hello is one of my favourite blogs. Truly inspiring photography and reading it is one of my daily little rituals now.....

  2. Thanks Nani, can't say how thrilled I am by your lovely words (big grin). Loving your blog and catching up on SA news.

  3. I love that blog too! It's probably my favourite of all blogs. So magical.