Still daydreaming....

Maybe it is a Monday thing - I had the same problem last week. I am supposed to kick start the week's work and I spend too much time staring at the calendar thinking of other things to do (read TRAVEL) rather than updating ledgers, paying suppliers, doing cash flow analysis....

I love the creativity of these artists below. Their work achieves, I think, the same magic trick that was shared by all the great impressionists: if you’ve been to one of these cities before, the image leaves you warm with nostalgia, and it manages to make even the most obvious touristy things about it look glamorous. If you haven’t been, that way in which the image is constructed captures the essence of the place in such a way that you get a pretty good idea of what it must be like.

I've posted before about Vahram Muratyan's prints comparing New York to Paris. (Go and visit his website again to see some of his new prints). 

Marisa Seguin is an illustrator from Canada and these prints are from her “Here and There” collection. To see more of her work, click here

Fernando Volken Togni is an illustrator from Brazil. This selection below was done for the Qatar Airline’s inflight magazine “24-hours-in” series.

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